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Build the new legend of China's furniture industry - the whole house custom

Modern manufacturing system


Commodities love home to introduce all the German Hammer, Italy Bijas CNC machining center FT2, and other international Top production equipment, through the company's powerful ERP system to transfer to the device terminal, to achieve All-electronic, automated, precision of instant manufacturing.

Take the occasion to take off


In 2016, he signed a strategic investment agreement with Malaysian well-known entrepreneurs to set up Malaysia Asian goods love branch. Commodities love in product innovation, business, channel development and other aspects into New vitality, love goods in the management model towards a more modern, standardized, international side To develop.

Strong R & D strength


Love home to play their own strong R & D capabilities, with a number of research and development patents, for harsh R & D testing, only for the market to bring high-quality patented products and lead the market innovation tool, Committed to the creation of human health,    environmental protection, fashion and home life for customers to build high Quality, deep connotation, fine quality of the whole house custom home products.

Stable and gradual growth


Pui love home was established in 2008, the industry is stable and constant improvement of the brand. With The brand's strong influence and improve the layout of the terminal sales strategy, health and environmental protection, on-line Under the combination of home building materials industry in the legendary, sales show "jet" growth!

Love the whole house to join the eight advantages of customization
  • 1

    Quality production base

    Commodities love home in the Guangdong town of furniture, Foshan Lishui Zhen, garden-like production base. A good production system and quality management to protect the shipping period.
  • 2

    Environmental health quality

    Environmental quality. Formaldehyde away from the good sheet, green, healthy and environmentally friendly. Germany Blum, Europe Parker, Hettich and other first-line brand suppliers.
  • 3

    The whole house is tailor-made

    Personalized design - Jane European, modern style, tailored personalized design, enjoy the end Quality of life.
  • 4

    All-round advertising

    Advertising all-round, multi-angle online and offline integration investment. Comprehensive coverage of all Crowd, so that dealers do better business.
  • 5

    All-round training

    Commodities love home has a special training team, the dealer team incubator. Shop operation The whole worry.
  • 6

    Excellent team to help

    Marketing and promotion team, blasting activities team, with thousands of activities planned implementation, market, Promotion, marketing, joint drive.
  • 7


    Sales service nanny-style services, from beginning to end hand full help, to solve customer Hougu Of the.
  • 8

    Create the new legend of Chinese furniture industry

    From R & D to production, from design to sales, to after-sales. Every detail is in place,Truly the whole house customization, breaking the traditional furniture of the closed-loop.

Joining support

  • Advertising support
    In collaboration with the Guangdong television station, the airport, high-speed rail, public Hand in cars and other high-end outdoor advertising throughout the country, and the United knowledge Home media, the full range, multi angle online and offline integration In, fully covering all the people.
  • Training support
    Product love home, the construction industry in the Whampoa  military academy, to join the business Team (shopping guide, design, installation) full range of training, end Good training system, so that to join the skilled master of products, pipe Management, shopping guide knowledge, help expand the terminal market.
  • Platform support
    Online drainage, offline delivery. O2O model for dealers to attract A large number of customers. Tmall mall, Jingdong mall, WeChat public number Full blossom.
  • Design support
    Free store design, a highly unified standardized VI system show Shows that the protection of brand height and marketing needs.
  • Activity support
    The marketing team to join the nanny full helping create wealth by constantly A variety of training and marketing to enhance the overall quality of the team, the city Field, promotion, marketing joint drive for the franchisee's high speed Provide strong support for the development of.
  • Business support
    Professional marketing, opening team planning business activities, on-site command, Full control and support.

Joining support

Joining condition

  • 1.Experience in building materials or home-related industry management is a plus


  • 2. Store area of 100 square meters Or more

    2.专卖店面积100平方米 以上为佳

  • 3. Store the best in a more standardized Of the building materials shops concentrated area

    3.专卖店最好位于较规范 的建材商铺集中地段

  • 4. stores must be in accordance with the goods love home Uniform provisions for the design and decoration operations

    4.专卖店必须按照品爱家居的 统一规定进行设计装饰运营

  • 5 stores must be a franchise for love home Of the products, shall not operate other manufacturers Of similar products

    5.专卖店内必须专营品爱家居 的产品,不得经营其他厂家 的同类产品

  • 6. To pay the brand margin


  • 7. According to the relevant provisions of the configuration,     And regularly receive training and assessment

    7.按规定配置相关人 员, 并定期接受培训和考核

Joining process

  • Submit your application

  • Headquarters audit qualification

  • Signed the joining agreement

  • Professional designers throughout Decoration design tracking

  • Storefront sample installation / Headquarters training support

  • Opening ceremony (Headquarters Professional planning Industry activities)

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  • 北京 王先生 134****8787
  • 北京 王先生 134****8787

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