the whole house custom

development history

Was established in 2008 in the building materials of Guangdong Foshan, is a professional cabinet, wardrobe production and marketing enterprises. After years of pursuit of quality, excellence, And by virtue of the "high prices for better quality, integrity first" service concept access to the partners of the unanimous recognition and praise, and many decorative enterprises, building materials supermarkets,Foreign trade enterprises to establish a good mode of cooperation, as domestic and foreign markets as a whole cabinet "project matching" and "foreign trade" in the field of well-known brands.

打造中国家具行业的新传奇 -全屋定制

Build the new legend of China's furniture industry - the whole house custom

development path


Foshan City, 100 Hill Home Limited (goods love cabinets) in 2008
Established in the building materials are - Foshan, Guangdong, is a professional cabinets, Wardrobe production and marketing enterprises. After years of pursuit of quality, fine Yi-sperm, and by virtue of the "high prices for better quality, integrity first" service Concept of access to the partners of the unanimous recognition and praise, and with many Decoration enterprises, building materials supermarkets, foreign trade enterprises to establish a good co-operation As a model, as the overall market at home and abroad cabinet "project supporting" "Foreign trade" in the field of well-known brands.


Commodities love cabinet brand registered successfully
Start foreign business strategy
Le from the export hall officially landed
Access to national certification ISO management enterprises
5S management system startup


Product love closet official production
Build domestic direct sales stores landing test
International "Alibaba" Foreign Trade Mall to start
Signed "Alibaba" strategic partner
Export enterprises integrity - member units
Won the top ten brands of Foshan City cabinet exports
Blum products authorized enterprises


Commodities love the successful signing
of international buyers up to 100 + months
Won the Saudi international designated suppliers
China Commodities (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Exhibition
"fashion cabinet" title
Foshan "brand power" main recommendation
products (Foshan TV host)
Foshan TV "Gillian Kitchen" push the brand, and
shooting framing business
Start in Malaysia, Australia strategy landing


The new factory goods love the perfect modern sail
Foshan People 's Government "Quality Cup" Customer
Satisfaction Award
By the Chinese Customs "exit wood products exit
Export-free products
The introduction of the world's first full-NC production
Open a foreign channel to join a grand investment
A new generation of innovative BMW paint products
officially launched


The establishment of goods love China marketing team
Press conference and domestic and foreign media,
franchisee to meet and investment channel to open
"Baidu" strategic partnership
China cabinet member units, and strategic partners
Won the "Top Ten export brand"
Won the "top ten brand cabinets"
Guangzhou Construction Fair rookie brand
The success of the construction of more than 70
domestic franchisee


"Love to design and production system" put into use
The introduction of international intelligent
production line using two-dimensional code tracking
Into the ERP management system and open the terminal
Production follow - up of the client query system
Ali international station export integrity brand
Miss Asia recommended home brand
Paint design patented products


Goods love upgrade version 3.0 exhibition hall officially set sail
18 session of the Guangzhou Fair Blue and
White Rubik's Cube product was the best fashion products
China Central Television "discovery trip - Fortune Forum"
recommended brand
Micro-positioning marketing to lead the new
marketing ideas
Join the Lighthouse program to chart the path to wealth
Malaysia branch set up landing
Air-to-ground marketing of the F2C service team on the line
Cross-border robbery marketing love of home action

PA Whole house custom - Malaysia branch

August 2016, the Malaysian goods love branch grand opening, leading a lot Malaysian celebrities from all walks of life, including "Chinese embassy in Malaysia" On behalf of more than Malay local well-known designers, as well as local leaders with the two countries The love of family members to witness this beautiful moment.

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